Element Optics NEXUS Scope

Precision from Our World Class Team

Our international team has been closely involved in pioneering innovative features of riflescopes for years, pushing the boundaries of modern technology, and now bringing these exciting innovations to one of the outstanding hunting frontiers that is New Zealand. 

Hunting, a significant part of New Zealand’s culture, has been valued for putting food on tables as well as popular and successful sport and recreational activities  

Optical clarity, precision tracking and inventive design are all integral in being able to make the most regardless of where your interest lies in the sport, we value the importance of having the best optics at hand.

This is what drives us to deliver the very best products for recreational shooters, hunters, and precision marksman, and the reason Element Optics has partnered with carefully sourced, world class manufacturers.

Our industry-leading manufacturers own and operate high-precision CNC machining, lens coating and polishing equipment, and some of the best testing equipment available. R&D teams are responsible for ensuring that our riflescopes remain on the cutting edge of optical engineering, and will not fail under the often extreme conditions of changeable New Zealand elements.