Meet the Pro Staff team

We have always seen the need to support shooters – it is mutually beneficial in many ways. For one, we need honest feedback on the strengths & weaknesses of our products and services and feel that transparency is important. If we don’t listen to input from outside our core management, we have blind spots and can make stupid mistakes. This is particularly important when testing new, unreleased products that we can’t just hand out to random people. Furthermore, it is highly beneficial for us to have trustworthy, professional shooters representing us in their various fields, in essence being the face of Element Optics to those who can’t speak to us directly. The Element Pro Staff team, listed below in no particular order, are our “ambassadors” in the real world: Making themselves available to help and advise. Whether your just wanting Optics for the new hunting rifle or wanting to get into the sport of Competition Shooting, having trouble understanding FFP(first focal plane) or SFP(second focal plane) they’re here to help. They are not salesmen, but rather:  Hunters, Competitors, Outdoorsmen, Pioneers. In a nut shell, AMBASSADORS for Element Optics. Here to serve.

Image of Pro Staff member Steve

Steve Dunphy

As a passionate hunter for over 20 years in New Zealand coupled with a lifetime of measuring angles and distances as a Surveyor, lead to a natural progression to long-range practical field shooting competitions. Love spending time in the high country chasing game along with being on the range in ELR and NRL/PRS style shooting matches. Now the owner and operator of a commercial shooting and pest control business in the South Island of New Zealand. Quality firearms and optics are a must in the trade and Element Optics rifle scopes have certainly earned their place on top of competition and everyday work rifles.

Competition Results:

2019 Sparrowhawk individual match, magnum division - 2nd place
2019 Sparrowhawk teams match - 4th place (with Jake Greenlaw)
2020 New Zealand Mountain Challenge-5th place (with Matt Easton)
2020 Sparrowhawk individual match, non-magnum 4th place (shooting 223)
2020 Sparrowhawk teams match, 4th place

Image of Pro Staff member Matt

Matt Easton

I grew up in the UK, but now live in the South Island of New Zealand. I have been hunting and shooting since the age of 14 and reloading ammunition for over 20 years.In the UK I controlled foxes and pests on local farms and game bird shoots and was also a keen deer stalker.

Most of my free time these days is spent hunting, long-range shooting and carrying out pest control.I enjoy precision reloading and compete in shooting and ELR shooting competitions. One of my recent achievements was putting three shots on a 36 inch square plate, coldbore at 2190 yards, (32 yards further than the current ELR world record of 2158 yards) a feat I intend to repeat under official ELR world record rules.

I enjoy pushing my own shooting sports limits and helping those around me achieve their own personal marksmanship goals.

Competition results:

3 consecutive hits, 36” steel plate. Cold Bore. 2190 yards. (32 yards further than the current ELR world record.) Sparrowhawk. 2019

1st place - Section 22 Rimfire competition. Sparrowhawk. 2019

5th place - Team event. Mountain Challenge. Wanaka 2020

5th place - Team event. Mountain Challenge. Wanaka 2021

1st place - Highest combined score. Mountain Challenge - Wanaka 2021

2nd place Individual.

Mountain Challenge - Wanaka 2021

Image of Pro Staff member Jacob

Jacob Greenlaw

I grew up immersed in the wild highlands of Scotland, off grid and free to roam. Since as far back as I can remember I have chased, trapped, fished and hunted as much as I can. It's in my blood and I believe it is a deep part of human psychology.

I only moved from bow hunting around 6 years ago but quickly became obsessed with the mechanics and physics of long range shooting and hunting.

I have started to compete in long range PRS type competitions with centrefire and 22lr because it helps my hunting. I enjoy precision reloading and shooting and usually take around 300-500 head of game a year to control numbers and fill the freezer.

I believe precision shooting with today's technology can be the art of a clean kill.

My passion is being in the outdoors with friends and a rifle. New Zealand offers some of the best hunting in the world and I'm very lucky to be able to go out regularly. My 2 young sons will be by my side before long and I can't wait.

I'll see you out there!

Competition Results:

1st place 2020 mountain challenge

Silver medal for combined high score at mountain challenge 2020.

1st place 2021 ultimate hunter challenge

1st 2018 jungle lane 22lr

1st place 2020 Jungle Lane 22lr

4th place Sparrowhawk team event with Steve shooting the magnum course with non magnums.

My very first PRS event at mountain challenge I think I came 6th due to a scope with no zero stop!!

Silver medal 2019 section22 match.

Silver medal October 2020 Section22 PRS.

Silver medal December finals 2020 Section22 PRS.

Silver medal Aug 2021 Section22 PRS.

3rd place 2021 sparrow hawk teams match